Air Purifier & Purification Systems

Considering getting an air purifier for your home? It's a smart choice. According to the EPA, the air quality inside your home can be two to five times worse than the air quality outside. Poor quality air can make allergies and asthma worse. That air is circulated around and pollutants can be spread all over your house.

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We provide air purifier brands that are the best in America: Trane and Honeywell. Whether you need to combat the trillions of allergens that enter your house every day or eliminate bacteria and mold that gather over time, we have air purifiers to help you. And unlike an air purifier you can buy anywhere else, only Crossfield air purification systems come with the Crossfield Lifetime Craftsmanship Warranty. Don't gamble your air quality on an inferior warranty.

We also provide solutions to go beyond filters with UV light purification. UV lights target contaminants even smaller than a filter can catch. UV light air purifier systems destroy mold spores, bacteria, viruses and smoke that might be missed by filters.

There's no need to settle for a single-room air purifier from a department store. We offer whole-home systems designed to maintain a complete, pure environment for your whole family. We provide many options and can accommodate almost any budget.

We can maintain and repair your existing air purifier as well. Your home air quality is extremely important to us and we're happy to share our knowledge about how the technology works and what upkeep, if any, your system needs.

Our warranty makes the difference

The Crossfield Lifetime Craftsmanship Warranty is our promise to you that we will provide you with the best work and the best product possible. No other HVAC provider in the area can touch our warranty and back it up with the service we bring you. We provide 24/7 HVAC service.