How Long Will My Hot Water Tank Last?

Your hot water tank is a critical piece of home infrastructure that supplies your property with hot water. Without a hot water tank, those inside the home would not have access to clean hot water. And so, it’s important that your water tank remains in optimal condition and you learn more about the system’s performance. In this new post, we’ll explain how to determine the lifetime of your hot water tank.

What is the Life Expectancy of a Hot Water Tank?

The hot water tank is expected to perform effectively for anywhere from six to ten years, depending on the model, your maintenance work, and the usage. You can check your serial number to determine the age of the tank. The first four digits will indicate the month and year of manufacture. If the tank is more than five years old, it might be time to consult with a local specialist about replacement options for the coming months.

How to Determine If My Hot Water Tank Must Be Replaced?

The replacement process for the hot water tank should not take much time, but a new tank can be expensive depending on your heating needs within the home. And so, it’s important you take the time to determine if the tank must be replaced. If you find that you’re experiencing the following hot water tank maintenance problems, replacement could be the ideal option: There is Reduced Water Pressure

There is Reduced Water Pressure

Reduced water pressure is a clear indication that your system is beginning to break down. The reduced pressure could be the result of corrosion which has damaged wiring and is limiting the flow of power to the equipment. It may also be due to contaminants within the system that are preventing the optimal flow of energy. If you experience dips in water pressure, make sure you consult with an equipment expert to determine your full range of options.

Water is Leaking from the Tank

A water leak doesn’t always indicate a significant problem with your water tank. However, in some cases, a leak means that the seal has been broken within the tank, and the leak will only grow larger and costlier over time. That can be a problem that impacts the entire area around the water heater, so it’s imperative that any water leaks are inspected before deciding your course of action.

The Aerators Are Clogged

Aerators within the water heater work to provide the ideal water flow. They sometimes become clogged when plastic from inside the intake tube begins to wear, and pieces break off. Oftentimes, it’s more cost-effective to simply replace the heater than to replace the interior tubing of the unit when this level of wear occurs.

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