How to Save Money from Your Thermostat

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Most homeowners are going to have to devote some finances and planning time every month to dealing with a monthly budget. Few of us enjoy unlimited money every month, so we have to be careful with how much we spend. Your energy bill is one of those areas that’s considered an “operating expense” whether that’s at home or work.

Regardless of the setting, if you’ve got an HVAC system in your building, you’re going to pay for electricity in the summer as the air conditioner cools the structure, and you’re likely to pay for natural gas in the autumn and winter as the furnace keeps things warm. There are ways, however, that you can keep these costs down, and they all hinge on the smart use of your thermostat.

Use It Wisely

One of the simplest ways to avoid wasting money on cooling bills or heating bills from your furnace is to not be lazy about your thermostat use. Some people simply leave the thermostat on one setting for temperature and never look at their thermostats again, ever. That is throwing money away.

Smart, frequent use of your thermostat can actually shave off dollars from your energy bill every month. For example, in the colder months, if you’re going to bed anyway, does the house really need to be 72 F? For every degree below 70 F for eight hours or more, you save 1% on your bill. That adds up over a month!

Start Programming

People frequently say that the reason they avoid adjusting their thermostat regularly is the hassle. Rather than use it frequently, they often forget and leave it alone. Of course, this is the 21st century, so things are a lot more convenient and accessible. Today’s thermostats are not just on or off. They can be programmed.

So what this means is you can set your thermostat to the desired temperature while you’re at home, going about daily activities. Then it can automatically lower the furnace activity at night, while you’re asleep, then heat things up again when you wake up. New thermostats can even lower the temperature again when you’re off to work and only heat up the furnace a few minutes before you return.

Get a Smart Home & Thermostat

For people who want bleeding edge home technology, your thermostat and home are now internet ready! You can control your home’s temperature using your phone and modern models. Some newer homes even have sensors installed that can tell when people are present or not, and they immediately adjust temperatures. The more you can keep your thermostat settings responsive to activity in the home, the more you can save.

Let Us Upgrade You

If you’re still using an older, 20th century, analog thermostat, one simple upgrade to a modern one can start saving you money! Call us today, let us see what you’ve got and suggest an improved model that can make a difference to your bills.