Installation For Furnaces, Air Conditioners, Heat Pumps and More


Installing a piece of equipment to manufacturer's specifications is vitally important; but that's just the starting point with Crossfield! Our technicians pay attention to the small details that can have a dramatic effect on the efficiency and longevity of your investment over the life of your system.

At Crossfield, we believe the installation process is exceedingly important. In fact, our technicians are so thorough that we warrant every aspect of our work. No one else in the area matches our warranty coverage.

This covers everything the manufacturer's warranty doesn't, including:

  • Gas piping and refrigerant piping
  • High voltage and control wiring
  • Solder joints, drain connections, and circuit breakers

If these items fail, break, or leak, we will replace them without charge!

Quality Control Audit

Crossfield Lifetime Craftsmanship Warranty

Our 40-point checklist ensures nothing is missed, including:
  • Adjusting and calibrating gas and refrigerant pressures
  • Adjusting and calibrating fan and airflow settings
  • Checking safety and venting controls
  • Sealing ductwork and completing control wiring

    Why is the installation process so important?

    The non-profit North Carolina Alternative Energy Corporation examined cases where the installation was poorly handled, there were some startling statistics.

    • 90% of the units tested exhibited some sort of energy-waste
    • 50% had an improper refrigerant charge
    • 40% failed to meet minimum airflow criterion
    • 20% were barely inside the airflow range specified by manufacturers