Preventing Flooding with Water Alarms

flooded basement

With the potential for flooding to impact your health and that of your family, it might be the ideal time to join thousands across the country in installing a water alarm within your property. Our experienced team at Crossfield Heating & Air Conditioning are experts in integrating water alarm systems in local properties. In this new post, we’ll explore the benefits of using water alarms to prevent flooding.

Mitigate Mold and Mildew

One of the most important benefits gained from using water alarms in a home to prevent flooding is that the alarm can also help mitigate instances of mold and mildew within your property. Mold can cause extensive health issues, particularly for those who are prone to lung and throat problems or have asthma. And so, it’s important that you install water alarms so that you’re notified immediately of any issues with moisture in your home. Once the alarm has been activated, you can then review the area directly and ensure that any issues with moisture are resolved by a water damage expert.

Protecting Appliances

A common challenge associated with flooding in the home is the damage flooding does to home appliances. Systems such as washing machines and dishwashers can be severely damaged by flood waters and may become unusable if the flooding continues, unabated over time. Making sure that you install effective water alarms can help to safeguard your home equipment and to protect your investments.

Prevent Structural Damage

It takes only a relatively small issue with moisture in the home for wood beams and other structural elements of the property to be compromised. So, homes with water damage are considered structurally unsafe for residents.

A water alarm can help to prevent this type of long-standing water damage. The alarm will alert you the moment that moisture is detected on the structural elements of your home. You can then work with a water damage company to remove the moisture and ensure that your home is safe for use over the long-term.

Safeguarding Exterior Pipes

In cold climates, frozen water pipes are among the most common problems during the winter time. Frozen pipes can prevent water from being available to those in the home and may also cause cracks in the pipes due to the additional pressure from the ice inside the pipe. Now, there are water alarms that not only alert you to a problem with your pipes, but that will also automatically heat the pipes when the temperature dips below a specific level. That can help ensure you never experience frozen pipes again!

Working with a trusted and experienced heating and air conditioning team can help you place water alarms appropriately throughout your home. Our team at Crossfield Heating & Air Conditioning has a comprehensive understanding of the latest technology and is available around the clock to offer our guidance on the newest systems. To learn more about our services, please call today.